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COVID-19: Duma deputy in Moscow city tests positive of Coronavirus

Moscow city Duma Deputy Lyudmila Stebenkova was found to have a coronavirus infection. The woman is at home and believes that she may have been infected at work.

The Deputy’s health deteriorated a few days ago, and Stebenkova called an ambulance. Doctors took tests from her that tested positive for coronavirus.

Doctors allowed the woman to stay at home, the Deputy is happy with the supervision of specialists for her health. It is not known exactly how she contracted the coronavirus, but in a comment on REN TV, Stebenkova admitted that she picked up the infection from colleagues who were less attentive to their health.

Earlier in the day, the coronavirus was confirmed in Stebenkova’s colleague Yevgeny Stupin. The analysis was taken from him on March 29. At the same time, according to the Deputy, doctors told to expect a call within 72 hours, and if they do not call, it means that the result is negative. Stupin did not wait for the call and considered himself healthy. The Deputy learned that the result was positive only on the night of April 5.

Stupin did not attend the last meeting of the Moscow city Duma due to the presence of suspicions, as well as symptoms of coronavirus. At the moment, the Deputy is at home.

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