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Check out the cost of treatment for Coronavirus in the United State


Treatment for coronavirus in the United States can cost a person about $75 thousand (5.7 million rubles), CNBC reports, citing calculations by the independent non-profit organization FAIR Health.

It is noted that the bill for treatment in the tens of thousands of dollars shines even to those residents of the United States who have health insurance.

Journalists noted that the US Congress recently allowed testing for COVID-19 for free, but hospitalization and treatment will still be billed.

At the same time, insured Americans may have to pay some of it out of their pockets (about $21.9-$38.7 thousand), depending on the terms of their insurance.

FAIR experts made their calculations based on data on the treatment of Americans from pneumonia and flu. As a result, it turned out that six-day treatment from COVID-19 in the hospital for people without insurance will cost $73.3 thousand, and for the insured – $38 thousand. (almost 3 million rubles).

Experts advise US citizens to be treated for coronavirus at home if the disease is not very severe.


In addition, there are telemedicine services (it will cost $34 for a consultation if you have insurance) or hotlines. You can call there and ask for advice on how to proceed.

If the disease is severe and requires hospitalization, then Americans are advised to ask relatives to carefully monitor what procedures are prescribed and what examinations are performed, so as not to overpay.

Experts emphasize that for most Americans, the best way to save on medical expenses is not to get sick.

By April 4, the United States ranks first in the world in the number of people infected with coronavirus according to Johns Hopkins University, more than 300 thousand people fell ill, and about 8 thousand died.

On the eve of the TV host, Hindu Anatoly Wasserman predicted a complete nightmare for the United States because of the coronavirus. According to him, the American health care system will not withstand the epidemic.


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