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Vice Governor of the Kirov region detains on suspicion of bribery

Vice Governor of the Kirov region Andrey Plitko was detained. He is suspected of taking a bribe, the Federal security service (FSB) reported.

We are talking about the amount of 3.4 million rubles, Interfax reports.

The FSB believes that Plitko in the fall of 2018 “created an organized criminal group to commit corrupt activities” and received bribes from local entrepreneurs for concluding contracts for the purchase and sale of wood with the COGSAU “Kirovgosleskhoz”.

Local newspaper Newsler, citing sources, reports that the same case detained the Minister of forestry of the Kirov region Alexey Shurgin.

In January, the head of Kirovgorleskhoz Andrey TUEV became a person of interest in the case of bribes and was arrested.

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In 2018, the former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh was sentenced to 8 years in a high-security prison for taking bribes. The court found that the money was paid for the inclusion of novovyatsky ski combine and Forest management company Kirovles LLC in the list of priority investment projects and for subsequent assistance in making decisions that were profitable for them.

In 2013, Alexey Navalny, who worked as an adviser to Belykh, and businessman Peter Officers were found guilty of stealing the property of Kirovles and were sentenced to five and four years in prison, respectively. Later, the terms were replaced with conditional ones.

Andrey Plitko became Vice-Governor of the region in March 2019. Before that, he was Deputy head of the regional government, and previously worked in the Federal Register.


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