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The Russian defense Ministry declassify documents on the liberation of Bratislava


The Russian defense Ministry, within the framework of the project “Salutes of liberation”, placed previously classified materials of the liberation of Bratislava During world war II in the public domain. The documents were available to Izvestia on Friday, April 3.

More information about these reports can be found on the Internet portal of the Russian defense Ministry, where a new multimedia section ” Fraternal glory and courage. To the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Bratislava from the Nazi occupation”.

“Of particular interest to Internet users will be a cipher telegram, in which even before the beginning of the Bratislava-Brno offensive operation, the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the USSR, Joseph Stalin, was informed that two Slovak divisions were ready to meet the German-fascist invaders in order to join the red Army troops,” the announcement to the archives says.

In particular, the documents mention the operation plan for reaching the Slovak border and connecting with Slovak units and partisans. In addition, the political report of the 1st Ukrainian front notes that the rebel Slovak army during the fighting with the German occupiers has significantly strengthened in organizational terms.

“The political mood of the rebels and partisans is good, morale is high, soldiers and officers strongly hate the Germans and are eager to quickly clear their country of German invaders with the help of the red Army,” reads an excerpt from declassified documents.

As a result, the liberation of Bratislava from the German-fascist invaders by the troops of the 2nd Ukrainian front began in April 1945. The material describes the plans of the offensive, the actual movement of troops and episodes of direct combat.


“Assault and bombing attacks by groups of 6-8-14 aircraft destroyed enemy troops and equipment in strong points, resistance nodes and directly on the battlefield, as well as destroyed the enemy’s retreating troops and equipment in front of the front of our advancing troops,” — stated in one of the reports.

In February, the Russian defense Ministry declassified archival documents about the liberation of Budapest. In addition, in the same month, the Ministry of defense published unique photos of Soviet commanders who liberated Europe from Nazism during the great Patriotic war.



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