Russia records 601 new cases of Coronavirus infection per day

In Russia, 601 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded over the past day. This was reported on Friday, April 3, in the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of infection.

New cases of infection were recorded in 32 regions of the country, including 448 in Moscow and 34 in the Moscow region. For the first time, cases were identified in Ingushetia and the Jewish Autonomous district.

Four fatalities were registered in the last 24 hours. 46 people fully recovered.
Thus, the total number of cases of coronavirus infection reached 4149 in 78 regions.

During the entire period of observation, 34 deaths were recorded, and 281 people recovered.

The day before, 3,548 cases of coronavirus were reported in 76 regions and 30 died from the disease.

The virus, dubbed SARS-CoV-2, began spreading around the world from China’s Wuhan at the end of December last year. Within a few months, the infection was detected in more than 190 countries.

On March 11, the world health organization (WHO) declared a coronavirus pandemic.

The most up-to-date information on the situation with coronavirus is available on the websites stopcoronavirus.RF and accessvsem.RF and on the hashtag #Myvmeste. Phone “a hot line”: 8 (800) 2000-112.

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