The Kremlin responded to a question about the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic

The speaker of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, declined to predictions about the peak of the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, there are various forecasts of the situation, and the President is introduced to them.

However, so far all of them are only approximate. “I can’t voice them,” the press Secretary said in response to a request from journalists to share data. According to him, everything will depend on the effectiveness of measures, especially the self-isolation regime.

Peskov clarified that Vladimir Putin is not in complete self-isolation. The head of state still holds individual meetings in person “with all precautions”. “We have already reported that the President is regularly tested for coronavirus, and all people who meet with him are also tested,” the Kremlin speaker recalled. Meetings with multiple participants will now be fully switched to video conferencing mode. “Working meetings with individuals are not excluded,” Peskov explained.


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