Mash: Tambov deputies wrote themselves bonuses of almost 600 thousand

Deputies of the Tambov city Duma wrote out bonuses for themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. Their amount is almost 600 thousand rubles, writes the telegram channel Mash.

So, the Chairman of the municipal Parliament Viktor Putintsev received 189.7 thousand, his first Deputy Marina Podgornova is awarded 155 thousand. In addition, the Chairman of the budget and municipal property Vladimir Sergeev will receive 63.5 thousand, and the head of Tambov Natalia Makarevich-168 thousand. At the same time, she eventually refused this award.

However, the document does not say what they received such bonuses for. The Tambov deputies have supported this situation.

Earlier, a scandal broke out with Natalia Makarevich over bonuses. As it turned out, the head of Tambov in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic flew abroad to rest, and then it turned out that she would receive a bonus of 400 thousand rubles, that is, two official salaries. Local Tambov deputies voted for this. 24 for, 2 against.

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