The Ministry of communications has launched a tracking system for carriers of coronavirus

The legality of collecting data about their location was confirmed by Roskomnadzor

The Ministry of communications has prepared a tracking system for citizens who came into contact with patients with coronavirus. This follows from a letter from the Minister of digital development, communications and mass media Maksut Shadayev to the heads of regions.

Access to the system at the web address specified in the letter is already working, Vedomosti confirmed. A Ministry spokesman declined to comment. The contents of the letter were confirmed by a person close to one of the Federal agencies.

The government instructed the Ministry of communications to create a system for tracking contacts with coronavirus carriers within a week at the end of March.

According to Shadayev’s letter, it will analyze data on the location of mobile phones of citizens infected with coronavirus and those who were near them (such information must be provided by mobile operators). Messages about the need for self-isolation will be sent to those who have come into contact with the sick. Authorized officials in the regions will enter data into the the letter, Shadaev asks to provide the Ministry of communications with their lists.

In the system, they will enter the data of patients-mobile phone numbers without specifying their names or addresses, but with the date of hospitalization.

Countries are using technology to control the spread of coronavirus
Such use of subscriber data does not violate the law on personal data, Roskomnadzor found (its conclusion is attached to the letter).

The phone number can be attributed to this data only in conjunction with additional information that allows you to identify the user, and geolocation does not allow you to do this, according to the Agency.

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