Putin signed the law on protection and promotion of investment

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the protection and promotion of investment. The document was published on Wednesday, April 1, on the official portal of legal information.

Parliament will impose penalties for violating the rules of self-isolation and allow the sale of medicines online.

On March 25, the Russian Federation Council approved a package of laws on the protection and promotion of investment in Russia. The document was initiated by the government and posted on the portal for ensuring legislative activity.

It contains requirements for organizations that have the right to conclude a SPC. For companies implementing projects in healthcare, education, culture and sports, the minimum investment threshold is at least 250 million rubles.

In the field of digital economy, ecology and agriculture – at least 500 million rubles, in the field of manufacturing — at least 1.5 billion rubles, in other areas of the economy — at least 5 billion rubles.

While NPC cannot be enclosed in the field of gambling, production of tobacco products, alcohol, liquid fuel, oil and gas (except liquefied), wholesale and retail trade, activities of the Bank of Russia supervised financial organizations, except the issuance of securities for financing of the investment project, as well as in a number of areas.

The government of the Russian Federation determines the procedure for concluding the SPC, the procedure for conducting the competition, the cost of paying interest on loans and borrowings, and a number of other aspects. The agreement is concluded no later than January 1, 2030.

On March 19, the state Duma adopted the corresponding package of laws in the third reading.


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