Moscow doctors showed their faces after a night with patients COVID-19

Citizens were urged to stay at home, so as not to face the tired faces of doctors looking at them through protective glasses

Doctors of the Moscow clinical hospital No. 15 showed in the photo how they look after night shifts spent with COVID-19 patients. Pictures of tired doctors were published on Facebook by the chief doctor of the hospital Valery Vechorko.

“The eyes of our doctors leaving the hospital after a night shift, where patients with a coronavirus infection are being treated,” Vechorko wrote.
He urged all citizens to remain in self-isolation at home, if you do not want “these eyes looking at you through protective glasses.”

Over the past day, 440 new cases of COVID-19 infection was detected in Russia, 267 of them in Moscow. The Russian capital is the leader among Russian regions in the number of people infected with coronavirus. In total, it has recorded 1,880 cases of infection to date.

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