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About 40 thousand exhibits of Moscow museums have become available online


In the online catalogues of Moscow museums, you can see more than 40 thousand exhibits. This is reported on April 1 on the website of the capital’s city hall.

According to the Deputy mayor of the capital Natalia Sergunina, the project “Museum Moscow online” was launched in 2017 and now it combines the collections of 36 city cultural sites. Thanks to the fact that 40 thousand Museum exhibits have already been digitized, you can visit virtual exhibitions and study the collections of famous museums right from home.

The most digitized exhibits were presented by the Timiryazev state biological Museum — 15.6 thousand, writes the NSN. Among them are images of books, paintings and graphic works, sculptures, biological models, herbariums, as well as archaeological finds.

In addition, you can see a handwritten book in 1564 in Polish “Medicines collected by the doctor pan Jan Pilecki”. The panorama Museum “battle of Borodino” presented albums with drawings of the beginning of the XX century on the theme of the Patriotic war of 1812, as well as samples of weapons and household items of that time — in total, more than 11 thousand exhibits.

The online catalog of the Museum of Moscow, which includes The Museum of archeology of Moscow, the Old English courtyard, the Museum of history “Lefortovo” and the Gilyarovsky Center, in particular, contains a fragment of a white stone column of the XVI century, found in the masonry of the wall of the White city on Khokhlovskaya square, and other items found during excavations. You can also view online the vaults of the state Museum of Gulag history.

In total, the exhibition included 1,6 thousand items, writes “Moscow 24”. The online exhibition of the Marina Tsvetaeva House Museum has 1,400 items available, including family photos of the poet. Also in the catalog is a photo of her personal belongings-coral beads and dresses, as well as a copper bucket of the XVIII century, which was stored in the family of the poet, the city news Agency “Moscow”notes.


VDNH has launched video tours and master classes since March 31. You can become a virtual guest of VDNH on its pages in social networks, as well as on the official website of the exhibition. It will be attended by the Moskvarium, the Cosmonautics and aviation center, technograd, the worker and collective farm pavilion, the Slovo writing center, and other significant venues.



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